Outside the Stacks

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Our Mission

What do we do?

The users may call with security, response time, network availability or other problems. Our products help your Help Desk and Network Operations Center manage and diagnose problems faster.

How do we do it?

Our products automatically and clearly provide meaningful data that greatly reduces the time to resolve problems
reported by users and can identify trends that allow technicians or automation to eliminate problems before they occur.

Why is it important?

Time is money. If your users or customers are waiting for a problem to be fixed, users become unproductive and customers may go to a competitor.

Who do we serve?

Our audience for this product are government, Fortune 1000 and financials who operate large, complex private networks. Complex networks mean complex problems.   We provide you the reports you need for compliance with government and industry mandates.

CENTRALIZE network CONFIGURATION for compliance

We live in a world of network virtualization, dynamic routes, and constant change. It is only going to get more complicated! Having a consolidated and centralized configuration database with the diagnostic information on your endpoints, which is updated automatically, is key to network security and diagnostics.

IPv6 is now a US federal government mandate!   PCI mandates IPv6 temporary addresses.  We create automated reports to help you meet the reporting requirements. 

Think to yourself  — what is the cost to do it right?  What is the cost if you get it wrong?