How can financial organizations use fingerprint?

The US federal government has a mandate to migrate to IPv6.   Soon enough, this will mean that industry also needs to migrate.

The PCI 4.0 standard recommends obscuring IP addresses.  In IPv6. this may mean using a technique like IPvó Privacy Addressing (RFC 4941).

But, that can make after the fact network diagnostics much more difficult!

How will you know what IP address the user was using when they reported a problem when the IPvó privacy address changes every few minutes?

We have seen the IPvó privacy address change every 7 minutes on some operating systems.  Fingerprint can automatically help you find this.

If your organization is using IPv4 only, we can still help you in many ways!  Just one is in helping to gather all the information your Network Operations and Help Desk teams need to solve problems quickly.

You may wish to read the following article.  To quote a portion, “Twitter’s flimsy server infrastructure is a separate yet equally serious vulnerability, the disclosure claims. About half of the company’s 500,000 servers run on outdated software that does not support basic security features such as encryption for stored data or regular security updates by vendors…”.

You may want to use Fingerprint to easily see the operating system, patches, and other information to stay current.

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