How can Government Organizations use Fingerprint?

The US federal government has a mandate to transition networks to IPv6.

How will you measure and report on this?

Fingerprint can help you! Just install Fingerprint during your IPv6 conversion process and Fingerprint Central can create reports showing which resources are IPv6 capable and which are IPv6 only.

The Chinese government has an IPv6 goal also.  You may want to click HERE to read about it.  Will other governments be far behind?


Payment card Industry (PCI) 4.0 IPv6 Address Guidance

The PCI 4.0 standard recommends obscuring IP addresses.  In IPv6. this may mean using a technique like IPv6 Privacy Addressing (RFC 4941).

But, that can make after the fact network diagnostics much more difficult!

How will you know what IP address the user was using when they reported a problem when the IPv6 privacy address changes every few minutes?

We have seen the IPv6 privacy address change every 7 minutes on some operating systems.  Fingerprint can automatically create reports to help you see this.