Migration is hard!

The TLS cipher suites, hash algorithms and versions are constantly being upgraded and deprecated!   When you have to change, both client and server have to be migrated at the same time.  This can be very difficult when you have thousands or hundreds of thousands of clients and servers.

How do we solve this problem?

We provide client and server proxies to sit in front of your devices.   Our proxies use the most current TLS versions and cipher suites.  We can maintain our set of suites current automatically or you can choose to update them on your schedule.  Instead of maintaining hundreds or thousands of devices, you only have a handful to consider.

Migrate at your own speed

You can migrate your clients and servers to more secure versions on your own timetable.  Our proxies will communicate over the internet or across your private network with the most secure protocols.  This reduces your vulnerabilities.  Your clients or servers can communicate to our proxies with old versions of the protocols or even in clear text!

Is this going to slow down my traffic?

Our proxies are engineered for scalability.   We can provide appliances for you with multiple 100gb interfaces and using multi-path TCP as well as the streaming video boosters used by industry leaders.  No!  Our proxies won’t slow you down, in fact, your performance may be better than ever!

Migrate to IPv6

We haven’t even talked about IPv6 migration!  You don’t have to worry about complicated transition or translation technologies that make your head hurt.   Just drop in our box.  We can take IPv4 in and put IPv6 out or vice-versa without much effort on your part at all!

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