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Fingerprint Product Vision

Help for Network Operations and Help Desk
Automated Compliance Reports

When you are troubleshooting a problem, you need consolidated endpoint configuration information in a standardized format.  This will provide context for troubleshooting network problems.  Often, you have to enter many different commands or do not have access to the endpoint.  

Fingerprint will also set the stage and help in the migration to IPv6.    Fingerprint helps your organization to stay compliant by creating the reports you need for mandates such as PCI.

CPU Physical Information

The CPU hardware and software on your endpoints can affect the performance of your network connections.  

For example, if you are troubleshooting a response time problem reported by a user, the size of the machine itself can be the problem.

In a VM environment, it may be that the VM was resized by the VM support group without the Network Operations Center knowing about it!

CPU Information

uuid: E6177806-C05F-849C-0739
cpu_type: x86_64
cpu_brand: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz
cpu_physical_cores: 4
cpu_logical_cores: 8
And much more!

OS Information

You may wish to read this article.  To quote a portion, “Twitter’s flimsy server infrastructure is a separate yet equally serious vulnerability, the disclosure claims. About half of the company’s 500,000 servers run on outdated software that does not support basic security features such as encryption for stored data or regular security updates by vendors…”.

You may want to use Fingerprint to easily see the operating system, patches, and other information to stay current.

name: Microsoft Windows 10 Home
version: 10.0.19044
platform: windows
arch: 64-bit

And much more!

Interfaces (with associated IP addresses)

Why do you need to know the active interfaces on your system?  Each endpoint may have multiple ways to connect to the network: ethernet, WiFi, BlueTooth and more.

Knowing the active interfaces, and the ones which have IP addresses associated with them, provides crucial context for troubleshooting.

For example:

eth2 : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller : 10-05-01-43-09-1C
eth5 : Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) : 10-F0-05-05-C3-0E
wlan2 : Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter : 10-F0-05-05-C3-0B

Interfaces (with no IP addresses) May be hidden or virtual

We have been very surprised to see many hidden or virtual interfaces on the endpoint.

This may be due to old or obsolete drivers or other software installed on the endpoint.  You may wish to find out!

For example:

eth0 : WAN Miniport (IPv6)
eth1 : WAN Miniport (IP)
eth10 : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller-WFP 802.3 MAC Layer LightWeight Filter-0000
eth11 : Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network)-Npcap Packet Driver (NPCAP)-0000
eth12 : WAN Miniport (IP)-WFP Native MAC Layer LightWeight Filter-0000
eth13 : WAN Miniport (IP)-Npcap Packet Driver (NPCAP)-0000

All IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6)

Fingerprint will show you all the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on the endpoint.  This information can also be sent to Fingerprint Central.

Fingerprint Central will note if the endpoint is an IPv6 Link Local, ULA, or GUA address.  Use these reports to stay compliant with the government mandates for IPv6!

For example:

eth2 : Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller: fe80:0:0:0:3852:9704:447:c1f6
eth5 : Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) : fe80:0:0:0:1d21:d96c:714d:b219
wlan0 : Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 : fe80:0:0:0:202b:b699:514e:cc04
wlan0 : Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 3168 :