MTNV in Action!

By Outside the Stacks, Inc

Home Page: MTNV Admin Console

Note: Patent Pending for MTNV Technology

This is the main screen for the Administrative Console for the MTNV product.   All TLS clients and servers must be pre-defined and must pre-register.  This is a part of how we keep you secure! 

Logging, logging, logging!

We log activity constantly!   You can go back to view who did what, when, and where!   Our goal is to allow you know exactly what our product is doing and what your network is doing!

Multi-Factor Authentication

The Super or Regional Administrator must be authenticated with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) before being able to define regions, TLS servers or clients.  So, what exactly is a “region”?   

Define Regions

You may wish to create groupings of your TLS clients and  servers by:
  • Region,
  • State or Province,
  • City,
  • Campus,
  • Business Unit or
  • What makes sense to you
The event logs will also be shown by region.