Steve Bryant, our Chief Operating Officer, has a broad range of IT experience in industries including government, retail, food distribution, and medical with a focus on security, database management systems, operating systems, and storage systems. Steve has developed mainframe products that assist customers in problem detection and analysis of network traffic.

Steve started his career working as a programmer for a small hospital near Asheville North Carolina. He quickly moved into the newly developing world of performance measurement, analysis and tuning.

In the mid-1980s, Steve became an early adopter of Relation Database Technology at a food distributor in Charlotte North Carolina. With the demands of same day order processing, came significant performance opportunities, enabling him to hone his process analysis and performance tuning skills.

Steve Co-founded Outside the Stacks, Inc. in 2020 and assumed overall responsibility for Operations. He has also worked on product design and development for some of their first products.

Steve is a member of Industry Network Technology Council. The INTC is a nonprofit membership organization that brings enterprises, academia, and government organizations together to promote education and collaboration on current and evolving Internet Standards in a vendor-neutral environment.