Why do you need Fingerprint

It depends on if you are at the Help Desk, Network Operations Center or trying to hire someone for these jobs!

Help Desk

The Help Desk is often an entry point to a more skilled profession.  Use Fingerprint!  Learn real network diagnostic skills on the job! Get true job satisfaction.

Network Operations Center

When you get a problem reported by the user, you may need to enter many commands to set the context.  Use Fingerprint! Get the information you need to resolve network problems from the very start!

Network Manager (Employer)

Hiring for the Help Desk or Network Operations Center and getting them up to speed can be a challenge!  Use Fingerprint! Make your new hires productive quickly.

Migrate to IPv6

Get the help and reports you need to stay compliant with PCI as you migrate to IPv6. Automatically generate needed reports for government mandates.

Solve network problems faster

Get the information and context you need to solve network problems quickly. Don’t waste the time of your highly skilled technicians. Your business depends on your network!

Stay safe and secure!

Cybersecurity is the #1 priority for large organizations. Fingerprints can help you by easily letting you know where patches are installed and more importantly, NOT installed!