What is the quantum threat?

A sufficiently powerful quantum computer (called a Cryptographically Relevant Quantum Computer – CRQC) will have the ability to break the current methods of encryption.  For example, those used in TLS – the most widely used cryptographic protocol on the internet.

Quantum Computing Age Begins

Researchers start developing quantum computers and related algorithms.

Harvest Now

Bad actors start storing encrypted network packets and other information which can be decrypted when a CRQC is available.

CRQC Developed

At some point, maybe 5 years, maybe 10 years, maybe a bit longer, a CRCQ will be developed.   This is fine if it is in the hands of someone who is friendly to you.  


What is NIST doing?


What is IETF doing?


What is Cloudflare doing?


What are others doing?

And ... how do we help you?

Our forward and reverse proxies offer the quantum-resistant cipher suites used by the other providers and standardized by NIST.  We also intend to offer quantum-resistant signatures and certificates.